For my readers and visitors

Thank you all for stopping by and even reading through some of these introductory pages and the current week to week posts.

Traffic has expanded much more than I have anticipated. It seems that the interest for psychology also in a broader societal and worldwide context has gained interest by many perceptive and reflective persons around the globe!

You are yourself one of all these interesting people that I surely would have liked to meet in person and talk with, discuss topics with, even deepening the scope of many of these  issues!

Until now I have tried to answer every each of you personally when you comment the posts and pages! Now I have come to a crossroad where the time spent answering the very many Nice and interesting comments prevents me for having enough time to write new posts on a regular basis.

Therefore please have patience with me regarding answering your comments. I will try still to make it, but priority must go to the research and succesive writing of relevant posts on Psychological Universe. But I will surely take time to read all of your comments if they are more than advertising for a product or brand.

Again, thank you very much for your wonderful support and inspiration along the road. We’re continuing marching on together I hope. Toward new heights of awareness and consciousness. And not in the least with greater vigor in our lives, we must believe. 😉