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Hey! Welcome to your own page!

This is the page were you can publish your own story. Here you can write down your experiences with, or your stories about this wanted New Image of Man that we are seaching for. That is you send the story to us, and we print it here

As a counterforce to the prevailing negative view of man that media conveys, we need from our readers many different examples, small or big.

              Attend Psychological Universe with your own writings.

Your Page With Your Stories:

Try to look out for personal examples or stories from others, where human actions give hope for a healthier society and a healthier world.

              Looking around for golden examples of who we are

You can refer to children, teenagers, grown-ups, old people, groups, soldiers, medical personel, teachers, priests, politicians, leaders of all kind, -you name it!  You don’t need to be very good in writing. We will do some simple editing if needed. Any questions just ask us here below.

You can send your story right on the e-mail, or as an attachment to the e-mail adress: ( We think the comment box down below, is to small for such stories, and reserve it for the comments . ) If you still need a brief summary of what we want to  counteract, check:
We look very forward to having you here and promise to take your contribution very serious.                        Yours Sincerely,- Admin; Janeriwaa.