Welcome to the World

Welcome, Bienvenue, Welcome to the world!

We live in a nervous and troubled world . Many may also call it hysterical , confused, disruptive, and very dangerous. Others are more concerned that the world’s wealth increasingly end up in fewer and fewer hands. Unfortunately these few “hands” (the 0,1%- 1% )  of us, in a globalized economy acquires more and more power over the elected.  This also means they have power over us to such a degree that the western democracies may collapse.


There are wars and conflicts in most corners of the world . The climate of the Earth is about to collapse. Flows of refugees increases the pressure on Europe . Heads of state with responsibility for millions of citizens are often more concerned with defending narrow self-interest and the interests of  their fellow believers or opinion polls, than to take on leadership and responsibility for an entire population .



Meanwhile  great powers in east and west stirs each other up . They threaten with sanctions and military rearmament along their boundaries , instead of meeting with their respective advisers to clarify misunderstandings and regret unfortunate statements .

It is tempting to argue that kindergarten children with preschool teachers  with conflict resolution strategies at hand, would be better suited as leaders than the most influential we have now. Preschoolers have certainly not atom weapons at hand.





Can relevant psychology and research contribute to understanding these scenarios?

How do we react when we get a grasp on these conditions? And how does it affect such as our survival strategies and our psychology? Likewise our behavior, and ability to plan for the future? Can psychology at all give any answer to this? And is it possible for developmental psychology to say something about what types of environment and society that are best suited to develop children and adults with conditions for both the short and long term, to solve the crises the world are facing today?


These are the small and very big questions that will be discussed on this website……….