This website is under construction

My dear Reader! This website called “Psychological Universe”, is still unfinished! Actually it is my exercise in building a website from scratch. Perhaps I will never think it’s ready to publish.

Nevertheless I like it to be open to the world! Or should I add, the small world that find interest in psychology, being more than mental diseases, behavior disorders, relational dysfunction and people in distress. Psychology encompasses all that, but at the same time personally for me, psychology entails life itself, brain, mind and nature, – even outer space.

Yes, that’s far too much to deal with for an academic psychologist. But for once, I won’t be stopped in publishing, by that constriction. However, I don’t want to present as facts material or conclusions that cannot be tested up against empirical evidence.

At the same time there will be some thoughts and assumptions of mine, that do not represent hard facts, but more or less hypothesis, philosophical suppositions extracted from experiencing life on many levels of information.

Most important to me is not to give you that kind of information, you already have more than enough of. My ambition is to create a site that poses a long-awaited difference for those who visit it. Or at least if it’s not new thoughts, or information, to inspire and encourage visitors to think further on what is being presented.

The very best I think, would be, for you, me and my visitors to start changing some entrenched thought patterns on repeat. That’s so hard to achieve without a crisis at hand, or a fall from “our everyday’s racehorse.”


However I don’t want you to fall or stumble! You don’t need my help on that. I just want you to make a halt with me,…..,-  and use your experience, brain, emotions, senses and crap-detector when you read. I even hope your imagination and ideas will be triggered as you read from  this website.