The Author

I am a clinical psychologist, wanting in a simple manner to share my experiences and views of man, to the common public. My aim is to remind ourselves what an almost inconceivably advanced organism we humans are.

                  Author of Psychological Universe, still quite worried  about  the current status of the world and humanity.

                                 Inborn friendliness.

Despite our enormous brain capacity and inborn social friendliness, our gradually evolving psychology and its coping strategies, unfortunately adapts itself to an already unfriendly world.

                    Copying bad role models

This makes us consciously or unconsciusly copying the strategies of the dominant, competitive, vindictive and fiendish role models that apparently rule the world with their power.

                              Survival instincts

That approach is so to speak a survival instinct of man, in a warlike scene. This scene being our family, our schoolyard, at work or in business or politics, not to mention international affairs.

               The fight and conquer approach

Research tells us however, that our present and dominant mode of survival can be changed. This change  is possible, – only if we gradually realize that the “fight and conquer approach”, does not necessarily convey our true self as human beings.

            A world defined by power people

Instead it might be said to convey a rather skewed adaption to a somewhat skewed world. A world mostly defined by power people, with both money, and means to get their view of man out through all kinds of media. If that view of man is not mediated  by words,  it is perfectly mediated by recognizable pattern of actions.

      An obsolete an non-adaptive view of man.

Ever since philosopher Hobbes famous quote , “everybody’s war with everybody”, and Thomas H. Huxley’s misediting of the last edition of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”, this obsolete view of man has been ruling the world.


Therefore we must change this negative view of man according to new research on the human brain, and on infants and children.

              Good input makes good output.

We know that both children and grown-ups, identify with important people in their surroundings. This impact from role models also models their own way of thinking, feeling and acting towards others and the world. It also models their sense of self, and their self-confidence.

What is the alternative: If the present obsolete and negative view of man is left there unchallenged, it will be difficult to cope with climate change, uncurbed capitalism, and meaningless warfare.

Two days in the short life of Alan Kurdi, in the present world.

A new view of man necessary to cope with todays challenges.

It will also make it very difficult to reconcile different religions, and continue building stabile societies, if we continue business as usual.


        Active on the old track, or a passive bystander?

Please accept that you need not be an active contributer to  the current situation in the world. Neither do you need to be a passive bystander to all this!

You are an extremely advanced organism. Act like it!

You have probably the most advanced brain and nervous system in our part of the Universe. Use it for all what it’s worth. That’s my challenge to you and me. That’s my reason for this website.

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