How it all began…

From where do we come?

According to astronomer Hubble’s our universe came into being through an enormous big bang some 13.7 billion years ago! In a very broad and deep perspective, we might perhaps say that the universe has spent about the same time to develop us humans as we are today. And the same universe has spent slightly less than 13.4 billion years to see itself through the eyes of our ancient mother Lucy. (See below)


From Lucy and Neanderthals to Chro- Magnons, Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Digitalis

We are not able to imagine such time dimensions. We can hardly imagine the very short period that our human race has evolved on the earth. Let’s make a rough time travel, in a landscape paleontologists and scientists are still trying to uncover:


Awash dalen og urmoderen Lucy

Ethiopia and its Awash National Park and the Riff Valley bordering to Kenya where our oldest ancestors are believed to have their origin.  

  •  Everybody’s Mother: About 3.2 million years have passed since our ancient mother Lucy was born in Awash Valley in Ethiopia . She is considered to represent the first specimen of the ape man species called “Australopithecus.”(austral referring here to southern.)


  • The Neanderthalic man is believed to have originated from an ancestor approximately 550 000-765 000 years ago. The Neanderthals are considered belonging to “Homo sapiens” and are the precursors of “Homo sapiens sapiens”, modern man. Bones of Neanderthals are found in southern Europe, western Asia and Siberia.


  • The Cro-Magnon man represents a continuation of the homo sapiens neanderthalis. It is considered a precursor of the early Europeanand  modern humans. (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) Radiant carbon datings of Cro-Magnon found in Britain, Italy and Russia, show an active period of travel for this species between 43-45000 years ago.


  •  The first People in North-America: Archeologists found stone spear points among the bones of mammoths near Clovis, New Mexico. Radio carbon dating in the 1950s showed that the oldest site was 11,400 years old. This was thus assumed, for years, to be the first evidence of human occupation in the Americas.


  • In 1996, however, archeologists in southern Chile found weapons and tools dating back 12,500 years. In Brazil, they found some of the oldest human remains in the Americas, – a woman. As for the above mentioned  human origin in african “mother” Lucy,  she was called Luzia, being a symbol of the supposed first mother of the Americas.  She had asian traits and resembled the aborigins of Australia. It is therefore also beleived  after a similar skull found in California, that the first to inhabit North America were coming from Australia via Chile and Brazil.  And that the Indians that resemble the people of Mongolia, China and Siberia, came via Alaska some five hundred to thousand years later. (The origin of Americans: Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic News September 3, 2003)

The North Northern Hemisphere.

  • The first people in Norway arrived from the north via Russia for approximately 11,500 years ago. Then the huge ice sheet over our country had started to withdraw, especially from the coastal landscape of Finnmark.


  • Approximately .10.000 years ago we had a new wave of immigration from the south,that in particular settled along the coast of southern Norway.                                                                          f0692342871e94a0a63aad229d26144a

Now the question remains: Will “Homo Digitalis” be the name of the new species of man that arose around the year 2000? A species that is more on the Internet than out in public and in nature!



Somewhere on this globe you and I live our lives. Together we can participate in determining how we want this world to develop. First however we must remind ourselves and each other about what really matters most to us in life


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