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A commercial free, non-profit, non-trading website.

“Psychological Universe” is open for everyone. It is a commercial free non-profit, non-trading website.

The website is meant for people who are interested in gaining consciousness of the wide range of opportunities that are imbedded in being human. It searches high and low for a new perspective of man.

The introduction to this kind of consciousness starts out there in the Universe at the very beginning  of everything! At the Big Bang, as we  are all consequences of the this incident, some 13.8 billion years ago.

big bang

Then the short introductory journey continues with the making of our solar system, and our mother earth. And then several billion years later, it introduces the birth of our mankind’s mother Lucy, in Africa.


“How it all began” ,and the chapter: “From where do we come”,  summarizes the development from Lucy as the southern hominim; “Autralopitecus Afarensis”,through “Homo Neanderthalis”  to “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”, -the human that has wisdom of his wisdom.

In the post: “Are you and I the world’s biggest threat “, we look into research that ends up with human beings as of nature very friendly, cooperative and helping individuals. Individuals that are more likely to make friends, love and cooperate with each other, than waging war with one-another.


Instead of looking at “rotten apples in the barrel, this website looks out for rotten barrels making bad fruit. And the website tries to find and define “sound and healthy barrels keeping the fruit fresh.”


That means we want to recapture our freedom  to define ourselves! Freedom from the dominant money and political power-people that also easily get the power of definition over us and our surroundings.

These more or less subtile definitions of what humans are made of or need, need absolutely not be right! But unfortunately they have a self-fullfilling function through the systems these groups of power-people construe.

We do not hate politicians or the rich. Absolutely not! Some of them are really good. But they  usually have to struggle themself upwards in competitive  power systems, that can derail or corrupt them on the way up. They can also easily get trapped in ingroup self-confirming thoughts and theories of “things reason, order and interconnectedness”! In other words, loose contact with the people they are meant to serve.

We want to bring forward Humans as individuals with much  greater propensity to be kind and helpful with one another, than competitive and fiendish.

a primitive dominant leader

All in all we want to modernize and actualize the way we view and think of ourselves. That is so because we want to prepare ourselves for continued survival on this both threatened planet, and in many ways a hostile world.

keeping together

We also advocate this view of mankind from a psycho/neuro-psychological viewpoint. Because we know that humans are capable of turning the Chapter.  But this change can only happen if  we stop listening to what power people tell us about what stuff we humans are made of!

PS:  Any comments related to posts, blog and website will be received with great enthusiasm and thankfulness. The same goes for suggestions and ideas for further articles.

Please to remember: The articles in posts and blog are popularized. This is to reach out to more people than the scientists and the scholarly trained. However I try to keep the website in accordance with theory and research.

Your sincerely

ChrisMus  JewBudhi